The Ethno Values and Commitments

The Ethno Values and Commitments are a set of documents that govern all Ethno gatherings. Whenever you attend an Ethno activity, these are in force, and are meant to make the Ethno an enjoyable, safe, comfortable experience for everyone. Please read these, and if you have any questions, write to us on!


Ethno is a program of Jeunesses Musicales International for practitioners of folk, world and traditional music. This document outlines the values and behaviour of a highly inclusive and welcoming Ethno activity. We do our best to uphold these values and while you are part of the Ethno activity, you agree to uphold these values as well:

  1. Ethno is about community spirit, and not for personal, political or financial gain.
  2. We aim to respect all musicians, music cultures and styles and strive to give everyone an equal opportunity to participate and share their music and culture.
  3. We aim to be inclusive and welcome everyone that is eligible to participate, regardless of race, ethnicity, religious views, political views, gender orientation, sexual orientation, marital status, age difference, physical ability, physical appearance, skill level or experience. Eligibility requirements are announced prior to the start of the Ethno activity.
  4. National laws, local traditions and customs are different in each country. We respect these laws, local traditions and customs. Make sure that you are aware of any differences in laws, traditions and customs than those of your home country or those you are already familiar with. When in doubt, ask the Ethno organiser.
  5. We are guided by the principle of consent in our interactions with other people. Consent means asking for permission and waiting to receive a clear affirmation when your words or actions involve others. Consent is especially important when it comes to physical contact with other people. For example – ask and wait to receive permission before you try out someone else’s instrument.
  6. We are here to create a beautiful experience together and we all strive to bring our best creative energy and our full presence (physical and mental) to the group. Our behaviour or attitude should not compromise activities for ourselves and for others.
  7. Everyone at an Ethno event or activity strives to participate to the best of their abilities and to give the best of themselves. At Ethno, we look out for each other and if you feel unwell for any reason, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the organising team.

We will do everything we can to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time. Safety Persons are introduced at the start of each Ethno activity. If anything occurs which makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please speak to a member of the team about it.

You may also choose to report incidents to JM International via this link –

  • I have read and understood this document, and agree to the Ethno Values and Commitments.
  • The Ethno Values and Commitments are designed to safeguard and protect the experience and the wellbeing of everyone. There are policies in place to ensure that the values outlined here are upheld. In case anyone’s behaviour goes against the Ethno Values and Commitments, Ethno organisers and JM International are empowered to take suitable steps, including action as per the law and as per Ethno protocols, which can be found here. I understand that this also applies to me and my behaviour.



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