Ethno 30 years exhibition now open!

The exhibition to celebrate 30 years of Ethno has now opened in Rättvik, Sweden. “30 pictures of 30 years with Ethno” is the name of this photographic exhibition in Folkmusikens Hus in Rättvik. With the help of people from Ethnos all over the world there is a unique and fascinating selection of photographs that shows both the similarities and differences with all the Ethnos that nowhere popping up on all continents.

There are also beautiful videos from several Ethnos that you can take part of through your cellphone camera. The exhibition also shows the short promotion film that was made during the first ever Ethno in 1990 during the Falun Folk Music Festival in Sweden. When you visit you canals check our the brand new Ethno stone, made of the unique porphyry from the region, that now will be brought in a long chain to all Ethnos as a symbol of friendship, respect and togetherness – all inspired by the maori tradition in New Zealand. The two signs on this stone are the letter E for Ethno and the old Scandinavian rune sign for Mankind.

The beautiful center of the exhibit was created by artist and illustrator Jens Ahlbom. Six sailing folk instruments spreading the Ethno word across all oceans, leaving the world map that shows all Ethnos. A great symbol of the growth of this project.

The exhibition in Folkmusikens Hus is open until August 28. More pictures from the exhibition can be seen on Ethno Sweden Facebook pages.

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