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About Ethno Bosnia Team

For us, there is nothing more real in the history of human kind than traditional music and all the stories hidden inside it. Just think about it, it is a pure form of life, its joys and passions, victories, sorrows, legends and truths. There is not a nation in the World that does not have its own form of traditional musicianship, and of course some of them overlap, some are quite different and that is where the beauty is at. This whole palette of amazing colors, from the bright orange of south America, through the peaceful purple of the Chinese music, coming to the passionate red of India and the greens and blues of the Middle East reflecting their incredible fields and bright skies above, passing the ethereal African valleys arriving at the doors of Europe whose colors of traditional music have been blending for a long time now that you cannot really be sure where one color starts and another ends. What my mission is, is to try and use these colors with the help of new and old friends to create a beautiful painting where once was a blank canvas.

We are Association akustikUm in Tuzla, feel free to check us out:

Long story short just happy to be alive, playing music and exchanging stories, songs and experiences!

Love to all from Bosnia and Herzegovina <3