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Musician or music director  in some of the most important works of world music in Brazil, such as Mawaca, Mutrib, Fortuna, Trio Kagurazaka, Mundana Orchestra, Kerlaveo, Fortuna,Sami Bordokan, Kereshme, among others, and performing in several countries such as Portugal, France, Spain, England , Switzerland, France, Germany, El Salvador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Japan, China, etc.With his groups he played with artists such as Fanta Konate (Guinea), Bayfall (Senegal), Kancham (India), Oleg Fateev (Moldova), Goran Alachki (Macedonia), Boyko Sabev (Bulgaria), Vesna Bankovic (Serbia), Stewart Mennin (USA), Equidad Bares and Marc Egea (Spain), Né Ladeiras (Portugal), Pekka Lehti (Finland), Uxia and Carlos Nuñes (Galicia), Ute Lemper (Germany), Sivan Perwer (Kurdistan), Jean-Luc Thomas (Brittany) Yoko Nishi (Japan), Samir Joubran (Palestine), Thomas Rohrer (Switzerland), Antonio Chainho (Portugal), Rana Gorgani (Iran), among others.

In brazilian music worked with artists of different styles such as Luis Tatit, José Miguel Wisnik, Arthur Nestrovski, Badi Assad, Antonio Nóbrega, Palavra Cantada, Ceumar, João Bá, Zé Geraldo, Claudio Nucci, Quinteto Violado, Roberto Corrêa, Jacques Morelenbaum, Ná Ozzeti, Carlos Careqa, Miriam Maria, Chico Saraiva, Marcelo Preto, Toninho Carrasqueira, Cupuaçu group, Toninho Ferragutti and Bebê Kramer, among others. He had Brazilian music groups such as Banda Mafuá, Cometa Gafi Orchestra in which  performed  with Tião Carvalho, Vanessa da Mata , Jair Rodrigues, Paulo Moura, Zé Renato, Pedro Luis, Carlos Malta, Dominguinhos, Tom Zé ,among others.

As Music Director produced and performed musical direction for several  CDS  and waas nominée in 2013 for the Brazilian Music Award as Best Producer for the children’s CD TicTicTati by singer Fortuna. Some arrangements and compositions for choir are performed in various parts of the world. Musical director of several Festivals, among them Encounters of Music and Dance of the World (Imbassaí, Bahia) for 10 years; Balkan Music and Dance Festival (SESC Pompéia – 2014), Ethno Brazil Festival 2018 (Jeunesses Musicales Internacionales), NA DANÇA, among others.

As Music Educator taught at symposiums and Congresses on Music Education, free courses and at various Music Festivals and teacher training courses in various regions of Brazil, Argentina, Germany. He was a professor at Teca Oficina de Música, at the Municipal School of Artistic Initiation (EMIA), Universidade Livre de Música (ULM) and at Faculdade Cantareira. He is co-author of the books Brincadeiras Musicais da Palavra Cantada (in 5 volumes) and Brincadeirinhas Musicais da PalavraCantada (2 volumes) and articles on Musical Education. Mastering degree at ECA-USP studying “Music of the World in Educational Processes”. His project “A MAgnifica Orchestra Paulistana de Músicas do Mundo” was nominée as Best Educational Project by Prêmios Profissionais da Música.

In 2015 he was awarded the PROAC for his first authorial instrumental CD: Terra e Lua and in 2016 he was nominated for the Brazilian Music Award as Best Instrumentalist. In 2018 he was selected by the São Paulo SMC Public Notice (for digitization of the family’s musical collection in the 19th century) and received the Catavento Award from Radio Cultura in the Instrumental Music category.
As a composer, his works were performed by great world artists such as Duo Assad, American cellist Yo¬yo Ma, Cuban clarinetist Paquito d’Rivera, among others.